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FREE Kitchen Cabinet Handles Promotion

Why are we giving away FREE Kitchen Door Handles?

A keying error in our warehouse buying company has resulted in us over ordering thousands and thousands of handles which, not only may it take us years to clear, we also need the space they occupy.


Our directors have decided to 'give away'  most of the over-stock to anyone who signs up to our monthly Newsletter.


Whether you are an existing customer or not just sign up for our monthly newsletter and tell us which handles you require. There are limits per household but you can always purchase any extra that you may need.


All we hope is should you consider new kitchen doors or even a new kitchen in the future, you will consider us amongst your shortlist!

How to get your FREE handles today..

Its easy, simply select whichever handles you like from the ones on offer on this page.


Check to ensure the screw holes will line up with existing holes if necessary.


Click the Send me My handles link fill in the form and leave the rest to us.


Delivery normally takes place within 7-10 days by local couriers.

Chrome Dimple D Chrome Knob Chrome Wave

Dome - A beautiful polished

chrome knob

Normal Price £4.89ea FREE

Twin Bow - Unique Satin Nickle handle

Normal Price £4.99ea FREE

Ziggi - A beautiful polished

chrome knob

Normal Price £6.19ea FREE

Dimple - A sophisitcated satin

chrome knob

Normal Price £5.19ea FREE

Dimple Bow - A beautiful polished

chrome handle

Normal Price £6.79ea FREE

Bow - A modern and sturdy chrome handle

Normal Price £4.99ea FREE

Satin Chrome Dimple knob 10215601P1 11731222P1

Bowpop - A sleek and modern classic Nickle handle

Normal Price £4.99ea FREE

11731631P1 134.27.186P1

Zinc Knob - A practical hard wearing knob

Normal Price £4.59ea FREE


Manila Bow - A modern well designed satin handle

Normal Price £6.99ea FREE



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